1. Rspective switch.

    I’m not dead. As you all know, I’ve been beyond the valley of exceptional silence these past few months. But now, I am back to feeling good again; like myself, and back to feeling immortal. Which means I have declared myself as OFFICIALLY back to work >:’D I’ve missed it so much, but as we all can relate, I had some personal issues to tend to first. I am better now though, happy again, and raring to go!! I’d like to start off this stretch by saying a few things before I go back down into the depths of my castle and start putting the finishing touches on my 2nd EP. It is all written, structured, & about 75% demoed after all >;) Today I’m diving head first into darkness. As the day goes on, the joy in my resentment towards others rises. And some say it’s not healthy or good to carry hate in your heart. But they are wrong. I wouldn’t call it “hate” what I feel, but more or less a strong sense of resentment for fucking traitors. And let me tell you, I’m just fine. I’ve survived, and quite laughably so. I haven’t felt this good in a while. So here’s one for the reports; to all who walk in disbelief, casting their false spirits, framing the world to believe they are something they nothing of. It is just now that I’m starting to see why some of us die the hero, and why some of us live long enough to see ourselves become the villain. This is where reality sets in between the two. I’m a believer in an-eye-for-an-eye. I don’t feel entitled to happiness or success. I don’t thrust myself into things that do not pertain to me. I don’t meddle, which is typically a reversed trait of a queen of darkness, but…. My time is not spent meddling in the unknown, but weakening the sources and strengths of the subjects that do concern me. Tearing down matters that don’t deserve a leg to stand on. That’s what evil does. That is the work of a villain. No playing games. There’s always a plan in place. Most of the time gone unseen, even at times unrecognized by those it is aimed for. Evil work and duty is a very selfish fix and pleasure. Quiet, still air is the most harmful to man. Knowing that in itself makes you that much more of a threat and dangerous. It is hard to travel willingly in the midst when you feel there is a stranger in the land. It is even harder to travel on when these strangers disguise themselves as something so pure and loving; a delicate flower, or a comfortable looking tree stump. But we must remember they are poison. Malicious. Don’t give them a chance at an attempt to overthrow you. Do what you must to protect your frame of mind. You want to see a villain? You got it. But I don’t play clean. That is exactly what this next set of songs is about. I thought that my hatred, resentment, and heartlessness had been locked away for what feels like centuries. But it has resurfaced. Which I think is the answer to why I’ve been able to write, structure, and add to my songs over the past week and a half/two weeks. That feeling that I get. That tickle in my stomach and the blood rush I get amongst my own thoughts; I thought I had forgotten you. What it feels like to be near you again. So close, so enchanting. You tempt me with the taste of sweet revenge. The pressure and high of good anxiety. The feeling of sleepiness from my mind being in overdrive when I hear the footsteps of my foes. I love you. You encourage the girl I never thought I could be. Fuel the fire I’ve only just begun to start. Tempt the temptress so she may learn anew. This return, my dears, is for you.



  3. Wellllllll,

    Okay, real talk. Why are men so intimidated by strong and powerful women? I can understand being feared around a self-proclaimed evil such as myself, but! What about the women who are only powerful? And I do not mean “only powerful” as a term of disrespect or minimization. I’m talking about powerful, non-villainous women. Not evil, not malicious, while still doing the following, like supporting themselves and supporting a household. Can run a business, and have a nice car. Educated women who are beautiful in their own ways. There’s nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with that. When you are powerful, you CAN make your own rules. You set the bar. If someone follows you, they either really love you, or they would really love to see you fall. Don’t let it fool you. Go with your gut. Be independent and do for yourself. The right King will find his Queen, whether it be standard setting for royalty or a mutiny of Darkness. Ultimately, we do get what we deserve. There’s no shame in being deserving of light or dark. What makes you happy is the bane of your existence. I personally see myself happy one day, in my castle, on my throne. Half lit, fantasizing about more things that I will one day bring to life. Until then, I dream of my Future Dark.


  4. What is the distinction between love & hate? Aren’t they really the same thing? Both an extreme passion that overtakes the body, mind, & soul. It’s an obsession that can’t be put to rest until insistent desires are at ease. I wrap up this month with an entry asking this question because I’m not really sure that I know the answer to such a rhetorical question. All of these things being written about; countless nights of laying your feelings out on the table, and putting them in musical sequence. When chronological order simply won’t suffice. And when we write from the heart, do we sometimes feel the opposite extreme of what we claim to be writing about? I’ll say thru & thru, my songs are written both about love & hate. They are by no means “love songs” but perhaps it was my distorted, fucked up perception of how my mind and body “loved” somebody. Such as the very subject whom I sing about so frequent. I can think of a time of love, and write an good piece. But then I can think of a time of unsettling hate, and I can write a great piece. I think that’s why I am evil. It’s not a choice, but a feeling of what is right. A feeling of being at home, or a setting so default that it becomes a chore to divert my mind off of the path of revenge. How many people can say that something good comes out of being evil. None that I know of. And I see it being that way for a long time Xx -R


  5. First post of the year!! Wooooo!!!

    So, first post in 2014. Haven’t been on here lately, just kind of been enjoying my HolRdays, ya know >;D Butttttt, part of my New Year’s ResRlutions is going to be keeping more up-to-date on here. Nothing big. Posts don’t have to be super long. Just short & sweet is fine, like this one >:) I had a good day today. Listened back to what is going to be my next single, and it sounds amazing <3 And damn, the lyrics are on point. Couldn’t have nailed it better. Joe & I have been creating separately & together as well, and it really has fallen in our favor. Looking to get started with new material by the end of this week, early next week at the latest! >:D And it snowed a lot here, in RLand. But we evils do snow pretty well. Nothing stops us >:) And my castle is completely snow-capped. It is truly stunning! Happy Monday, all of you! DON’T be good >;)

    Love & bats regards,

  6. Guess what?! DoctR, totally in the house this morning. Everything’s gonna be okay. Trust me💉💺❤️🌀🌹🐀🏰 #revulsa #revulsaland #music #musician #support #local #evil #villain #dark #doctor #dr #doctr #girl #special #surprise #love #fear #hate #brainwash #time #squeakysqueaky #iloveyou #loveme #wantme #needme #revenge

  7. I am off to dinner for the evening, but I just wanted to share this with you all before I go✨ Time for a new perspective & the new era. New stuff is underway as you can see😈 I’m excited to start this new set of promos because it’s the chapter that will ultimately lead up to the 2nd EP next year. Time to go back in time. Time to turn back the clock. Time for #reverse ⏳✨🌙🔮🏰 Stay tuned! Dress by @thegloomth & pic courtesy of @stephshadows 😈💚 #revulsa #revulsaland #revulsanians #reverse #rtourage #r #me #girl #evil #queen #villain #dark #time #past #present #future #dress #frock #gloomth #victorian #gothic #rococo #promos #excited #music #musician #life #dream #heart #soul #passion #art #support #local #staytuned

  8. makeupbox:

    Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Holiday 2013 Collection Swatches and Review!

    There’s a return to old-school silver-screen glamour with Bobbi Brown’s Old Hollywood 2013 Limited Edition Holiday Collection.

    The look is centered around neutral eyes, dewy skin, intense pink cheeks, graphic black liner, and the quintessential “starlet scarlet” lip.


    (Katie Holmes, above, glammed up for the Old Hollywood campaign visuals.)


    Tip: Black Ink Liner is a handy felt tip liner with a nice fine tip for precision, but the formula is quite liquid while new and can seep into fine lines, so if you have lines on your lids, stick with a classic black gel liner.

    My Absolute Favorites?

    Nude Glow Shimmer Brick (SG$75) is the most beautiful multi-tasking highlighter. As you can see from swatches above, the colors are intense enough to be worn as individual eye shadows or swirled together as a non-chalky highlighter. Great for all except very-pale skins.

    Long-wear Cream Shadow Sticks (SG$45) in Tuxedo Black, 24 Karat, and Bronze are to die for. These are super smooth, very intense and beautiful, AND they’ll last all day.

    Then there’s also the red lipsticks. Old Hollywood (SG$50) was repackaged in a sleek gold case for the season, but the color is in the permanent range, not limited edition. So is a matte alternative, Red Carpet, which is slightly warmer in tone.


    There are 2 glosses available if you are nervous about wearing intense reds;

    Candlelight: Interesting gold sparkly gloss which goes on translucent and with a spattering of multi-colored lavender olive, gold, and silver flecks.

    Siren Red: Translucent red gloss for a juicy pout


    There are also a whole collection of eye and lip palettes for women on the go.


    The only item that I wasn’t completely wowed by was ironically the Old Hollywood Eye Shadow Palette (SG$99), which is a set of 9 neutrals in varying textures.

    If you click on the eyeshadow swatch images above for a closer look, you will notice that the sparkle shadows were totally sheer and color refused to build up. These would be better on top of other shadows for a bit of extra shine. And the mattes were slightly patchy/chalky looking, so you will need a good primer and good brush when applying these.

    Bobbi Brown’s Old Hollywood Collection will be available at counters here from November 2013.

  9. makeupbox:

    Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Soft Gold Smoke Tutorial

    Took a shot at the Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood collection, and instead of doing a typical 40s-50s look, I kept with the flicked eyeliner, flushed cheeks and red lips, but updated it with a shimmery smoky lid in a “cat-eye” shape instead of a “kitten eye”, dewy skin, and dripping-wet lacquered lips.

    (Most products used were from Bobbi Brown unless stated otherwise.)


    Product note: One thing I’ve fallen for is the Long-wear Cream Shadow Stick. They’re all incredibly smooth and pigmented, plus you get plenty of time to blend and smudge them out before they set. Here I used Tuxedo Black. If you’re not able to get hold of it, use a creamy black pencil.


    Tip: This bit of black along the lower lash line makes the “cat eye” look. The main difference between “kitten” and “cat” eye is whether you bring liner down along the lower lash line. Traditional kitten liner runs only along the upper lashes. Liner along the lower lash line creates an exaggerated almond shape which is more sultry and catty.





    Tip: To get the perfect, flattering angle to your flick, extend your liner outwards at the exact same angle as your lower lash line. 

    Read More

  10. makeupbox:

    Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Noel 2013: Asia-exclusive “Palettes Parisien Nite” Avenue Marceau and Rue de Babylone swatches!

    Despite the other two venerated French couture houses Chanel and Dior going with neutral palettes (accented with stronger lips), Pink is in for YSL Beauté this holiday season!

    From November, the brand will be launching 2 limited edition palettes; one for the eyes and one for the cheeks, centered around soft, luminous, spun-sugar tones.

    Avenue Marceau - a wet & dry eye shadow quad with mauve, ivory, gold and deep purple shadows that are translucent glimmering washes when used dry, and beautifully metallic when applied wet.

    Rue de Babylone - a cotton-candy pink blush that’s matte, with a pearlescent “heart”. Don’t worry about it looking frosty; the colors blend together to form a luminous pink. The best thing is the heart isn’t an overspray, so you don’t have to worry about it disappearing after 1-2 uses. (I’d say this color suits pale to medium skins better as it has a very pale and almost matte base which can be too pastel for darker skins.)

    Picture notes: Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick No 27 and Glossy Stain No 17 in the top image are not part of the holiday collection; just posed there for visual effect since they go perfectly with the 2 palettes! (And yes, they are 2 of my absolute favorite lip colors from the brand.)


    Unfortunately, these 2 palettes are Asia-exclusives, so if you don’t reside here, you’ll have to look out for it while you’re traveling here, or else ask someone to bring it back for you as a super-luxe stocking stuffer!

    Avenue Marceau retails at SG$88 and Rue de Babylone at $70. Both will be available at the YSL Beauté boutique in ION from this coming weekend.